Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Interprovincial Championships

Central District Result from the recent Interprovincial Championships
Open 1st Alister Stuck, Mairi Bristow, Matthew Bristow, Noel Woodhall, Pam Livingston, Wayne Burrows, Val Gardiner (NPC)
Women 6th Anita Thirtle, Anne Buckley, Liz Burrows, Lynn Muller, Sandra Coleman, Sarah Green, Lorraine Stachurski (NPC)
Senior 3rd Alan Doddridge, Bob Hurley, Don Nightingale, Evelyn Hurley, Jenny Wilson, Robyn Nightingale, Les Gould (NPC)
Intermediate 2nd Anita Swafford, Catherine Mann, Mark Eichstaedt, Reeve Pring, Sandra Calver, Tom Lawn, Colin Carryer (NPC)
Youth 5th Alysha Bloxham*, Amy Thomson, Helen Muller, Jennifer Black**, Katherine Muller**, Sam Bailey*, Val Gardiner (NPC)
* on loan from Otago/Southland ** on loan from Waikato Bays 

Interprovincial Champions Press Release

Press Release. 6 October 2010


The Central Districts Open Bridge Team won the 2010 National Interprovincial Championships.

The team was Alister Stuck (Palmerston North), Matthew Bristow (Hawkes Bay), Marie Bristow (Hawkes Bay), Noel Woodhall (Havelock North), Pam Livingston (New Plymouth) and Wayne Burrows (Palmerston North). Val Gardiner (Wanganui) was the non-playing captain.

Central Districts comprehensively won the round-robin with ten wins out of twelve matches.

They met Otago/Southland in final. After losing some ground in the first half of the final they pulled away in the second half to win comfortably.

Central Districts have only won this title twice previously in 1970 and 2001. Noel Woodhall and Wayne Burrows were both members of the winning team in 2001.

Central Districts Open Interprovincial Champions 2010

Back Row: Noel Woodhall, Matthew Bristow, Wayne Burrows

Front Row: Val Gardiner (NPC), Mairi Bristow, Pam Livingston, Alister Stuck

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Plymouth Open Final@@@ 1st Frengley Shearer 2nd Stuck Wilson 3rd Burrows Livingston 4th Carryer Modgill
New Plymouth Junior Session 1 @@@ 1st de Buerger Stolte 2nd Needham Needham 3rd Chamberlain Webley
New Plymouth Junior Session 1 @@@ NS Bev Chamberlain Judy Webley EW Jean Leuthart Patricia Radford
New Plymouth Open Session 1 @@@ NS Livingston Burrows EW Stuck Wilson

Monday, May 11, 2009

Centre Island Pairs Final Board Three

Board 3
South Deals
E-W Vul
8 6 5 3
J 10 8
K 5 4 2
5 2
  1. 10-15 unbalanced, 2 or 3 suited
A K Q J 2
9 6 5 4 2
10 3
A Q 7 3
A 7
K J 8 7 4 3
10 9 7
Q J 9 8 6
A Q 9 6
4 by West
James Li (west) earnt a top with good card reading in the first round of the Centre Island Pairs final. After a club lead to south's queen. The Q was returned. Assuming this is not a false card it locates the K with south for an opening bid. Therefore Li played the A dropping the offside king and earning all of the matchpoints to kickstart his partnership's day on the way to winning the 2009 Centre Island Pairs.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Centre Island Pairs Final Results

Centre Island Pairs 2009

1 Tony Lenart (Wellington) James Li (Wellington)
2 Tom Jacob (Auckland) Martin Reid (Wellington)
3 Michael Ware (Auckland) Michael Whibley (Wellington)
4 Rod Dravitzki (Wellington) Moss Wylie (Invercargill)
5 Bob Hurley (Palmerston North) Evelyn Hurley (Palmerston North)
6 Stephen Blackstock (Wellington) Alister Stuck (Palmerston North)

Centre Island Pairs - Consolation 3A Pairs Results

Centre Island Consolation - Final Placings

1 Martin Carryer (Palmerston North) Ross Quayle (Palmerston North)
2 Ken Carmichael (Levin) Glenys Dean (Levin)
3 Ann Buckley (Wanganui) Anita Thirtle (Wanganui)
4 John Elliott (Wellinton)Phil Merchant (Wellington)
5 Don Nightingale (Wanganui) Robyn Nightingale (Wanganui)

Centre Island Pairs Qualifying Results

16 Tables

Top 18 Qualifiers through to 9 table barometer final on Sunday:

Centre Island Pairs 2009
(Average Score over three sessions qualifying)
1 Rod Dravitzki (Wellington) Moss Wylie (Invercargill) 61.62
2 Tony Lenart (Wellington) James Li (Wellington) 59.68
3 Michael Ware (Auckland) Michael Whibley (Wellington) 59.63
4 Tom Jacob (Auckland) Martin Reid (Wellington) 58.47
5 Peter Bach (Auckland) Val Gardiner (Wanganui) 57.36
6 Bob Hurley (Palmerston North) Evelyn Hurley (Palmerston North) 54.72
7 Stephen Blackstock (Wellington) Alister Stuck (Palmerston North) 53.19
8 Wayne Burrows (Palmerston North) Andrei Sharko (Napier) 52.36
9= Janice Coleman (Feilding) Pam Mason (Palmerston North) 51.44
9= Colin Carryer (New Plymouth) Ravi Modgill (New Plymouth) 51.44
11 Susan Humphries (Auckland) Nick Jacob (Auckland) 51.02
12 Arthur Bennett (Hastings) Gillian Bennett (Hastings) 50.46
13 Alan Doddridge (Palmerston North) Jenny Wilson (Palmerston North) 50.32
14 Joan Waldvogel (Wellington) Max Wigbout (Wellington) 50.00
15= Dinnie Hall (Wellington) Deborah Jones (Wellington) 49.58
15= Pat O'Neill (Wanganui) Martin Oyston (Wanganui) 49.58
15= Peter Collinge (Napier) Lynnaire Hampton (Napier) 49.58
18 Liz Burrows (Palmerston North) Jan Whyte (Palmerston North) 49.31

Friday, May 8, 2009

Interprovincial Selectors

The following selectors have been confirmed by the Regional Committee:

Russell Wilson (New Plymouth), Gerry Palmer (Napier), Wayne Burrows (Palmerston North)

Jan Whyte (Palmerston North), Colin Carryer (New Plymouth), Gerry Palmer (Napier)

Wayne Burrows (Palmerston North), Gerry Palmer (Napier), Russell Wilson (New Plymouth)

Bob Hurley (Palmerston North), Evelyn Hurley (Palmerston North), Ken Bateman (Palmerston North), Russell Wilson (New Plymouth)

Val Gardiner (Wanganui), Ken Bateman (Palmerston North), Pam Livingston (New Plymouth)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Central Districts Trials

The trials in all grades will be held on the weekend of 27/28 June in Palmerston North under the guidance of our selectors.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dannevirke Open

17 Tables

1st Evelyn Hurley and Wayne Burrows (Palmerston North)
2nd Pam Mason (Palmerston North) and Annette Scanlon (Pahiatua)
3rd Alister Buchanan and Mary Simonsen (Napier)
4th Beryl Bolton and Anne Buckley (Wanganui)
5th Margaret Orsborne and Harold Orsborne (Dannevirke)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Bridge Hand

Just posted as a test so we can get an idea of how a hand would look. The hand is actually from the Centre Island Teams 2008 in Palmerston North ...

Board 20
West Deals
Both Vul
♠ 7 6 4
10 7 4 3
K 6 5 4
♣ K 6
♠ A Q
K Q 2
A 8 3 2
♣ A 9 4 3
♠ K 9 8 5
A 5
Q J 10 9 7
♣ Q 5
♠ J 10 3 2
J 9 8 6

♣ J 10 8 7 2

Training Grant Applications

We have $1000 to distribute for appropriate training initiatives. Applications are invited from clubs within the region for use of this money.

Applications must be made in advance.

We will consider applications twice per year.

Applications close:

1st November 2010
1st April 2011

2009 Interclub Teams

This event will be held 4th/5th July in Palmerston North. The format to be finalized when numbers are known.

One entry per club of a team of 12 players - 4 open, 4 intermediate and 4 junior.

Partial entries will be accepted from clubs with teams of 4 players in only one or two of the grades.

The winning team will represent the Central Districts Region at the National Final in Hamilton at the National Bridge Congress.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gisborne Open Results

Gillian and Arthur Bennett

1. Arthur Bennett Gillian Bennett (Hawkes Bay)
2. Elizabeth Jackson Carolyn McMurray (Gisborne)
3. Jean Bennett Richard Solomon (Gisborne/Auckland)
4. Gerry Palmer Susan Sykes (Napier)
5. Heini Lux Gill Nelson (Rotorua)

2009 New Zealand Representatives

Val Gardiner (Wanganui) will represent New Zealand on the Seniors Team at the PABF in Macau June 18-28. Val Gardiner will be playing with Peer Bach (Auckland) in a team with Michael Gibson (Wellington) and Oliver Hoffman (Auckland).

Pam Livingston (New Plymouth)
and Wayne Burrows (Palmerston North) will represent New Zealand on the Open Team at the same event. Their teammates are Anthony Ker (Wellington), Alan Grant (Wellington), Jeff Miller (Dunedin) and Graeme Stout (Dunedin).

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Levin Multigrade

The Levin multigrade was won by Alister Stuck (Palmerston North) and Liz Burrows (Palmerston North).